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Al’s Goldfish Fish Wrap Writer Special Edition Saltwater Goldfish

Anglers looking to catch more, and bigger, striped bass, bluefish, bottom dwellers like fluke and a wide variety of other saltwater fish under varying conditions should check out the new Al’s Goldfish Fish Wrap Saltwater Series lure.

Designed by Todd Corayer, aka The Fish Wrap Writer, the Fish Wrap Writer Special Edition Saltwater Goldfish was primarily designed to catch species like striped bass and bluefish — but the lure has proven itself deadly on black sea bass, summer flounder, scup, cod and haddock as well. The colors – green back, light underbelly, and black spots — were specifically chosen to be most effective in all sorts of water conditions. It was built to catch fish in heavy surf, deep waters, and on bright sunny days where color and size matters. Green is the color you need for deep water, as it reflects light further below the surface of the water than red, orange or yellow – meaning fish can see it better in any water conditions. The side dots imitate menhaden, a primary forage fish for all sorts of species, and the unique side-to-side wobble of the Goldfish is irresistible to predatory fish.

The Fish Wrap Writer special edition is made in two weight options, ¾ oz. and 1 ¼ oz. As is the case with all Al’s Goldfish lures, we say “Cast it, Troll it, Jig it!” because this lure is effective in many different applications. For casting the 1 ¼-oz. weight is perfect for long casts from the rocks or from a boat when you don’t want to get the boat too close to a school of fish. The ¾ oz. weight is better for shallow water locations such as salt ponds but is still heavy enough that it casts over the breakers. When trolling, troll slowly (about two knots, plus or minus) with at least three feet of leader. Alternatively, both weight options are great for jigging at various levels in the water column or off the bottom – just drop the lure and let the Goldfish flutter catch the attention of bottom dwellers.

This deadly lure is made from marine-grade nickel- plated brass coated with hard-baked enamel paints (like all of Al’s lures, it is hand painted), and features a custom teaser on a 3/0 single hook. All Al’s lure products are made in the USA.

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