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Kimber Releases New 1911 RAPIDE, R7 Mako, and Limited-Edition Micro 9
Kimber Mfg. is expanding the popular family of RAPIDE (Dawn) and RAPIDE (Scorpius) Custom 1911 pistols, as well as the groundbreaking R7 Mako™. Kimber is also creating a unique offering of the popular Micro 9 Raptor, called the Micro 9 Raptor Shadow. The new RAPIDE (Dawn) and RAPIDE (Scorpius) are now available in .45 ACP…
Bring Bucks into the Red Zone with Antler King
Antler King’s Red Zone food plot mix is designed to the hunter’s opportunity at a trophy buck no matter what season they hunt. Featuring a blend of forage and grain soybeans, peas, buckwheat, and sunflowers that mature at different periods throughout the year, Red Zone provides a high-quality smorgasbord to draw in deer all year.…
Garmin Announces tactic 7 Tactical Smartwatches
Garmin® International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NYSE: GRMN), today announced the tactix® 7 Series, a new class of purpose-built tactical smartwatches. Leveraging a new 5-button interface with a responsive touch screen, the tactix 7 Series provides dedicated tactical, training and performance features, wrist-based navigation, and comprehensive health and wellness monitoring. Prepared for operations…
BONE-DRI Moisture-Absorbing Gun Cases Unveils Gun & Ammo Bag
BONE-DRI™, inventor of award-winning moisture- absorbing gun cases, is proud to announce the introduction of the Gun & Ammo Bag. Engineered with Absorbits™ moisture-removal technology, the BONE-DRI Gun & Ammo Bag protects your handgun and ammunition from rust after exposure to moisture. Whether you are headed to the gun range, hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking…
Convergent Overseer Predator Pro Pack: A Triple Whammy for Predators
Convergent’s Overseer Predator Pro Pack is a set of easy- to-use mouth-blown predator calls designed by Master Call Builder Kerry Carver and professional predator hunter Byron South. So when you need realistic sounds to bring predators in, the Overseer Predator Pro Pack is the perfect handheld solution. The Overseer Open Reed Predator Call is often…
CVA Wolf V2 Muzzleloader – focused on youth or small statured adults.
CVA re-vamps its ever popular and most affordable Wolf model muzzleloader, and feels the Wolf is a perfect model to be flexible for all sizes of shooters. With that being said, the Wolf V2 has a 1” length of pull and adjustable rubber spacer which is similar to the CVA Cascade centerfire rifle. This gun…
Rival Arms X1 Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight
Rival Arms is expanding its offerings to include electro- optics, beginning with the new X1 Micro Reflex Sight. The X1 is a 3 MOA red dot ideally suited for use on defensive pistols, target pistols, rifles, hunting and defensive shotguns. The base offers an RMR® compatible mounting system for slides featuring an RMR® optic footprint…
Dark Mountain Portable Energy
Dark Mountain has work out supplements for anyone looking to increase focus, energy, and performance. Their selection of pre workout supplements are portable and make this a great product for anyone looking for a boost on the go. Kodiak Pre-MTN Mountain Melon Pre-workout isn't just for the gym. When you're an avid hunter or outdoorsman, overcoming…
Elite Survival Systems’ Concealed Carry Fanny Pack
An  update  for  our  Modern  Tactical  collection of concealed carry fanny packs, the lightweight HIP Gunner is designed to carry your weapon concealed on the waist or sling style cross-body. Order this concealed carry waist pack today! This survival fanny pack comes with two holster options to keep your weapon in place. Just select the…

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