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Bottom Bouncing for Summer Walleye
As the summer progresses, Walleye often leave their late-spring and early-summer haunts. Unfortunately, many Walleye anglers keep returning to the same early-season areas, so they ex- perience some very slow fishing action. (Sometimes, the Walleye action is so slow that many give up on the Walleye and spend their time enjoying other summer activities.) Sadly,…
Singing The Blues – In Big Blue Catfish, That Is!
Photos by Larry Weishuhn Outdoors “Larry, have you ever caught a really big catfish, something bigger than, say, 30 pounds?” Luke Clayton, with whom I do a weekly radio show, a weekly podcast on Sporting Classics Daily, and a weekly television show, (A Sportsman’s Life” on was asking. Before I could respond, he continued. “I’ve got…

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