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Singing The Blues – In Big Blue Catfish, That Is!

Photos by Larry Weishuhn Outdoors “Larry, have you ever caught a really big catfish, something bigger than, say, 30 pounds?” Luke Clayton, with whom I do a weekly radio show, a weekly podcast on Sporting Classics Daily, and a weekly television show, (A Sportsman’s Life” on was asking. Before I could respond, he continued. “I’ve got…

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Newly Approved IGFA World Records

An article of interest shared by our Outdoor Specialty Media Group Staff Writers. Original Post by In ternational Game Fish Association Newly Approved IGFA World Records To see all newly approved IGFA World Records since February 2022,  please view this PDF. Weston's Dorado Art Weston recently returned from a New Year’s trip to Argentina with several impressive record…

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Euro Love: A Beginner’s Czech Nymphing Tale

Some of my favorite aspects of fly fishing include learning new techniques, exploring new fisheries, and introducing myself to something completely out of my wheelhouse. My introduction to ‘European’ and more specifically ‘Czech’ nymphing went hand-in-hand with my first-year assistant guiding for local trout species and I have not looked back since. Often termed ‘high-sticking’…

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Landing Fall Brookies: Late Season Tactics

  The pursuit of Salvelinus fontinalis or brook trout, in Canada, has traditionally been a spring fishing opportunity, put to the wayside when mid-summer rolls around. Anglers move their focus onto other fish species, leaving the lowly brook trout virtually untouched for the remained of the year. As the end of the trout season in late…

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