Author: Amanda Lynn Mayhew

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This is award-winning, tough outdoorswoman is a product of Northern Ontario, the Creator of Just Hunt INC. and producer and host of THAT Hunting Girl. This young woman has proved her worth as an athlete, inspirational speaker, angler, power sports enthusiast, sport shooting advocate, and an accomplished hunter whose mission it is to pass on the passion to our future.

It is natural for me to want to show others how something works. I am a mom, and my passion is watching individuals learn and process information in a safe and useful manner. Creating Women’s Range Days back in 2011 was an event I never gave a second thought. I had been working in a gun store at the counter selling firearms and mounting scopes. Eventually, word made its way around town that a female was working in the store. That made it more comfortable for women to venture into the retailer to ask me questions about hunting and shooting.…

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By: Abigail Helsdon /Jeff Helsdon Not that many years ago, the idea of a woman hunting was unique. Much has changed since then, and now, females are one of the largest and fastest-growing demographics in hunting. Change has come quickly, and it has not occurred evenly across Canada and the United States. Even when I was a young hunter a decade ago, the idea of a woman hunting was novel. I am still the only female hunter in our deer hunting group in Southern Ontario. While we run into several groups during the week, no other group contains another woman.…

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