Author: Darren Cheverie

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My mediums are photography, pen and paper and most importantly food. I’m blessed enough to have multiple creative outlets that allow me to express my creativity and passion for the outdoors. Be it Instagram @humblehunting, The Alberta Bowhunters Association, North American Outdoorsman, North American Bowhunter, North American Deer Hunter or via the award winning restaurant my wife and I started in 2016, Chartier. Learned to fish on the Atlantic as a boy, now learning to hunt on the prairies as a man.

When I heard the term “Adult-Onset Hunter” (AOH) for the first time, it sounded like I had caught some sort of disease…which to be honest, is kind of true. What does it mean to be an AOH? It’s someone who’s learned how to hunt as an adult versus being raised as a lifelong hunter. The newbies. The flat brimmers. The ones asking seemingly silly questions on the online forums. The folks shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor (I still don’t get why this is funny, maybe because I’m still a newbie.) All digs and misperceptions aside, the adult-onset hunter is usually self-taught,…

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They say, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Then there’s me. I kind of can, so I kind of do… and I can kind of teach. So, the next logical step for me would be to mold the minds of tomorrow by home- schooling my 7-year-old daughter for an entire school year. Crazy? Yes. But crazy times call for crazy measures. Let me give a little backstory here. It was the beginning of the C-word (COVID-19). Schools had closed. We were looking for a definitive answer as to whether our child would be returning to school, doing online…

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