Author: Heather Wilson

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Born and raised in Alberta, Heather Wilson is one of Canada’s most accomplished female hunters and outdoor communicators. As an award-winning writer, television personality, seminar speaker, big game hunting guide, mom, wife, and nurse, her roster is full. Working in partnership with her husband Kevin, she’s had the good fortune to hunt all over the world for a wide range of big game. Together, they’ve co-hosted numerous outdoor productions including Canadian Outdoorsman TV online. Both are currently team members on Wild TV’s popular Bowzone Live. While Heather enjoys waterfowl hunting and pursuing any and all game with rifle and muzzleloader, she expresses a particular affinity for bowhunting big whitetails. Heather is also a Registered ICU Nurse, and she and Kevin own and operate a professional outfitting and guiding operation - Alberta Hunting Adventures

Over the years, many people have asked me how I became so passionate about hunting. Most women are surprised when they hear that I frequently hunt alone. They’re even more intrigued when they hear that I’m successful. Hunting, like many life skills, involves trial-and-error learning. Through an ongoing series of successes and failures, we pick up what works and what doesn’t. Getting Started Many hunters started their passion with a simple desire to be in the outdoors. Then that intrigue grew into a love of nature and a need to understand the animals we interact with both for subsistence and…

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Bowhunting early season mule deer is one of my favorite hunts. I look forward to it every year. Why? In part, because the weather is mild, and it can be as social as you want to make it. Normally, you spend hours glassing with your hunting partner before finding a deer you want to pursue. Once located, the stalk then becomes a game of one-on-one; hunter versus deer; and a true test of one’s ability to ease into bow range undetected to make an accurate shot. In a situation where there is often limited cover to conceal movement, it’s up…

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