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Author page: Kat Stevens

Armed and Responsible: Self Defense
Maybe you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors fishing, camping, or hunting. During those times, is self-defense from threats a priority? If it isn’t, you’re not alone in that thinking. If you’re a woman, odds are that good defense of your own self isn’t a driving factor. Women have a tendency to focus on…
Armed And Responsible: Considering the 45 ACP
When it comes to selecting a handgun for carrying in the great outdoors, the vast number of possible configurations and calibers to consider can be overwhelming. One cartridge that’s frequently mentioned by those interested in self-defense and handgun hunting alike is the 45 ACP. Many gun owners boast about its sheer bulk and “stopping power,”…
Chasing Monsters
How to Catch Big Catfish Catching monster catfish—not simply keepers, but giants—is the dream of most of us who spend time on the shores and on the water with a rod and reel in hand. It’s easy to say you’re out on the water to connect with nature, enjoy the silence, and maybe bring some…
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