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Author page: Kevin Wilson

Schooled By Snows
Least reliable of any waterfowl, snow geese can humble even the most seasoned hunter. Here’s how to improve your success on your next spring snow goose hunt. We’d been up for hours already. Carefully crafting our decoy spread of over 1,500 decoys, it was almost legal shooting time. Final checks were made. Spread look good,…
Targeting Cold Lake’s Deep Water Trout
We’re dropping our downriggers to 75 and 90 feet. The familiar hum and subtle nod of each rod tip looked perfect. Before long, one dove sharply toward the water and began to bounce. “Fish on!” chirped my buddy, Steve. Freeing the handle from its brace, I quickly began to reel while he retrieved the ball…
Fishing Western Canada’s Lake Sturgeon
The author uses an Abu Garcia M5600C Ambassadeur reel on a casting rod and a Daiwa BG 4500 reel on his spinning setup. It’s a game of patience and attentiveness. Staring at my rod tip and line for what seemed like an eternity, I second-guessed myself when I say the most subtle ‘tick’. It barely moved.…
E-Calls For Coyotes
Calling from prime locations and capitalizing on the roster of sounds offered by e-calls can make your set irresistible to curious and hungry coyotes. Peering down into the deep ravine, an open hillside of patchy willows gave way to the frozen creek. It was the perfect calling location. Where there is food, there will be…
Targeting The Last Ice Lakers
Lake trout can be caught all winter long, but savvy anglers know that the waning days of the ice fishing season can produce some of the best action of the year. Because lake trout are often caught in deep water, extra care should be taken to slowly retrieve, and carefully handle when releasing fish. Beelining for…
Targeting Winter Brook Trout
Breaking from the tree line, our party of four carefully stepped on to the ice. It was late November, indeed early to be fishing the hardwater. With no snow cover whatsoever, the surface was smooth and slick, best suited for skates, a stick and a puck. A brisk wind made it cool, but the temperature…
APPAREL & CAMO For Today’s Deer Hunter
Apparel manufacturers are meeting our need for weather, habitat, and activity-specific clothing. No longer is it just about the pattern, functionality and fit now rank as top priorities. Perched 18-feet up in a tall leafless aspen, my wife Heather, was bowhunting the second estrus. With little cover, her subtle camouflage blended in well with the…

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