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Author page: William Luscombe

How To Pick A Fly Rod
“How do I pick a fly rod?” It’s certainly a valid question, and although experienced fly-fishers often look at beginners who ask this with a wondrous eye, it is probably the first really good question that beginners ask. Fly rods are not complicated pieces of equipment. Like any other rod, they have basic components: the…
The .410
For decades I have used a 12 gauge shotgun to hunt grouse. I even bought a second 12 gauge pump with a 26-inch barrel and adjustable chokes just for that purpose. In the past few years though I have been realizing that, although the 12 gauge is effective, it is actually a lot more gun…
Early Ice Off Opportunities
Basic Chironomids Thank the Lord spring has arrived. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get out and do some serious recreating, which in my case means fly-fishing. April through June are arguably the best months to fly-fish. The midge hatches will be starting first and with them comes some of the best fishing…
How To Pick A Fly Reel
As great as a nicely functional, good casting rod can be, the rubber hits the road to the greatest degree with your fly reel. Get a bad reel and you’ll suffer nothing but frustration and lost fish. A good one, on the other hand, can let you completely forget about that aspect and focus on…
Forget The Rainbows
The summer sun had been beating down on us our entire trip and the waters of the lakes throughout southern BC were too warm for even the most dedicated of rainbow trout to continue feeding. My wife and I were getting frustrated with the poor fishing, and although we were both getting great tans, we…
Hunting The Fool’s Hen
I went north, way north, to the B.C. – Yukon border to hunt moose. We camped and tented for 13 days and we had a great trip, although we never got our moose. However, we caught a lot of Arctic grayling and bagged a mess of spruce grouse. As it turned out, it was decided…

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