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Hunting Dedicated Thermal Optic – Rico Alpha

iRayUSA, a Texas-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of premium thermal night vision devices is proud to announce the availability of the new pack-leader in the thermal riflescope market, the RICO ALPHA. The ALPHA is the culmination of decades of user feedback, research and development, and American engineering all embedded in a hunting dedicated thermal weapons sight. From the initial concept, design, and assembly, every step of the process was completed by hunters and engineers in Texas.

RICO ALPHA can be paired with any commonly used hunting firearm platform but was specifically designed to accommodate the large majority of American night hunters who utilize the AR platform. The ALPHA’s ideally located and recessed 6-pin Autoloading Guarded Connector was specifically designed to prevent damage when using a slung weapon. Additionally, the magnetic properties of the charging port and design of the mating cables allow for an automatic connection when ALPHA is installed on a rifle.

Adjusting the sight picture of the ALPHA was made to be both fast and simple, with its design based on feedback from the field. The ambidextrous Single Finger Focus lever is easy to use and allows for adjustments to be made in no light conditions using only a single finger of a gloved hand. Once focus is correctly adjusted, the powerful 50Hz 12 um sensor and MATRIX III image processor provide the ALPHA’s HD display the highest level of clarity on the commercial market.

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