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New Primos Select Turkey Calls Allow Hunters to Sing Sweet Music

Primos Hunting, a pioneer in game calls and hunting accessories, is pleased to announce new gear is in stock and ready to ship for turkey season, including Primos’ new “Select” line of turkey calls, which highlights some of the Primos team’s favorite, tried-and-true designs.

New calls available for this season include the Select Heartbreaker™ Box Call and Select Lil’ Heartbreaker™ Box Call. Both box calls are crafted in Mississippi with a one- piece mahogany wood box, purple heart wood lids and custom laser engraving. Each call is hand-tuned, with the Heartbreaker (MSRP $79.99) featuring double sides and the Lil’ Heartbreaker featuring a single side that’s better for higher pitches and frequencies.

The Select Jackpot™ Slate Turkey Pot Call rivals other high-dollar pot calls on the market with its custom-grade wooden pot, Pennsylvania slate surface and custom striker. The result is near perfect reproduction of a turkey’s true language from piercing yelps all the way to the most subtle purrs.

The Primos Select Turkey Mouth Call Series is designed for a wide variety of calls in any situation. The model PS1 with Bat Cut (2 reed) is a great low-end call for clucks and purrs, as well as soft tree yelps, feeding yelps and content yelps. The model PS2 with Bat Cut is designed as an all- around call. It yelps, cuts and cackles with a high-end top note, but easily falls off into the raspy second note of an old boss hen looking for company. Model PS3 with Ghost Cut is perfect for those high-end kee-kee yelps and the kee-kee run. This call is also good for jake yelps. PS4 with Bat Cut allows for great yelping, but this call really shines when cutting and doing excited yelps.

Other options from Primos:

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  • Primos Lil’ Heartbreaker Mahogany Box Call – Learn more.

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