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Summer Night Calling For Hogs Has Never Been Easier

Convergent® offers two significant assets to help summer hunters: the Sidewinder Weapon-Mounted Game Call and the Wild Hog Pro app.

The Sidewinder Weapon Mounted Game Call mounts directly to a hunt- er’s firearm. The call can also secure a smartphone on its back with the integrated phone mount, leaving the hunter with both hands free to call in and take out the hogs. The compact and lightweight 9.6-ounce Sidewind- er electronic call is controlled by the smartphone and produces premium sound quality directed away from the hunter and towards the game at 100+dB. Sidewinder easily mounts to a Picatinny rail and connects to a smartphone via USB-C cable.

Worried about recoil? Don’t be; Sidewinder has been tested and ap- proved for calibers up to 6.8 SPC. The compact 3” x 3” x 4” design is sure to stay connected to your firearm in all situations, and the lithium-ion battery offers 5+ hours of run time on a single charge. You may run out of steam before the Sidewinder does.

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