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Author page: Gord Nuttall

Fishing From a SUP
As the sun went down, I jumped on my stand-up paddleboard (SUP), grabbed my fly-fishing rod, and went out to where we had earlier fished for bass with spinning gear from the pontoon boat. The spot was about five to eight feet deep and had lots of cover and feed for bass. I had never…
Young Jedi Hunters
Any die-hard hunter with a newborn cannot wait until they grow old enough to accompany them in the field. I am a firm believer that it is never too early to introduce children to hunting, given that it is well planned, with proper expectations and in small doses. Seasoned hunters can easily handle a multi-day…
A Guide To Rediscovering Family Showshoeing
Kids excited with their new modern snowshoes strapped to their feet. Perhaps it’s your New Year’s resolution to try something new as a family. Perhaps you’ve thought about getting more active this year or at least doing so during the winter months. Perhaps you’ve seen something in your news feed that has you thinking about increasing…
Backcountry Trout
Imagine the rise and splashing of wild trout echoing through the clean backcountry air. Visualize nobody else, just you and untouched fishing waters waiting for a cast. In the background, sketch a skyline of high mountainous jagged peaks of mammoth rock shooting out from the earth five hundred meters above you. Take note of a…
Low Light Whitetails
Before the rut occurs in November the first and final fifteen minutes of shooting light is prime time for whitetail deer movement towards feeding areas. You do not need to be a wildlife biologist to know that white tail deer prefer the safety of feeding in open crop fields under the cover of darkness. On…

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