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Melissa Bachman’s Road to a Full-Time Hunting Career
PHOTOS COURTESY OF MELISSA BACHMAN Take a look at Bachman’s upbringing, her love of the outdoors and her commitment to growing hunting participation Bachman cherishes her early hunting memories. She learned at a young age that persistence equals results. If you’re new to the hunting community or somehow haven’t heard of Melissa Bachman, there’s a lot to…
Newfoundland: The Place for Moose, Bear and Adventure!
“There’s coming out tonight boys,” predicted Newfoundland Where Ya Wannabe Outfitters moose hunting guide Barry Sweetland. Little did he know how true his prediction would be, with all three of the hunters in camp tagging out before the end of legal shooting time that night. For the uninitiated, Newfoundland is moose central, with high hunting…

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