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Author page: Mike Hungle

Quietkat Ibex
QuietKat Electric Bikes, the leader in off-road eBikes is proud to an- nounce the release of a brand new eBike model, the Ibex. The new Ibex represents the latest in full-suspen- sion electric bicycles from the leader in off-road eBikes for hunting, fishing, camping, overlanding and tactical applications. The Ibex is the most sure-footed creature…
Spot-and-Stalk Whitetail Hunt with my Dad
A great thing about hunting Whitetail deer is that there are multiple ways to hunt them. Some of my favorite methods for hunting Whitetail deer are calling, pushing bush, and spot-and-stalk. In fact, spot and stalk is my favorite way to hunt Whitetails since it gives me the chance to walk through deer country and…
Bottom Bouncing for Summer Walleye
As the summer progresses, Walleye often leave their late-spring and early-summer haunts. Unfortunately, many Walleye anglers keep returning to the same early-season areas, so they ex- perience some very slow fishing action. (Sometimes, the Walleye action is so slow that many give up on the Walleye and spend their time enjoying other summer activities.) Sadly,…

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