Author: Vanessa Harrop

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Vanessa has a deep passion for hunting and the outdoors and she loves to immerse herself in cultures around the globe. As hunting is the cornerstone of all cultures, she believes there is no better way to experience a destination. She is constantly seeking out new adventures and whether it’s climbing mountains in search of mountain goats and sheep, chasing Muskox on the tundra with her bow, or stalking elk and deer in the foothills of Alberta, she embraces it all! There is nothing quite like the adrenalin and anticipation that comes with each adventure. Vanessa is also a gear junky and is constantly searching out and testing products to assist in her pursuits. There is no need to call Vanessa a huntress. She is proud to be simply a hunter and no matter where she hunts, she is respected for her tenacity and grit. She is strong role model for all women hunters.

As my feet slip out from beneath me on the steep grass slope, I put my arm down to break my fall. I hear a snap. And then another. I look down and realize that I’m lying on the ground with my full weight, including a 60-pound pack, on top of my left arm. TJ (Schwanky) rushes to my side and says, “Get up!” I look at him and reply, “I think I just broke my arm.” This happened on my second attempt for mountain goat. My first try had been earlier that year when a friend invited us on…

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Sitting in the Dueling Stone Outfitters booth at the SCI Convention, I was telling Jarrett Dueling about my dream to one day take a big old mountain grizzly bear. As it turned out, Jarrett had an opening and suggested that I come to the Yukon that fall to check out an old burn in a remote corner of his outfitting concession. Since my partner, TJ (Schwanky), had guided for Jarrett in the past, Jarrett suggested that TJ be my guide on this hunt. Seven months later, we were on the road. It took two long days to get from Calgary…

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