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Gearing Up For Spring Gobblers

Here are the Top Things to Pack in Your Spring Turkey Vest

It’s almost here. (Well, for some, it has already arrived!)

Whether your state is open now or you’ve got to wait until April 1st, let’s make sure we’re all prepared for this Spring’s turkey season.

If you’re among those die-hard turkey hunters who think, sleep, and eat turkey hunting in the springtime (or if you’d like to), then you’d better get your gear ready. While a turkey hunting vest isn’t mandatory for chasing longbeards, it’s highly recommended (and perhaps should be mandatory).

Hero shot of three gobblers. Using an e-bike and having a complete turkey vest will most certainly get you to where you want to be, undetected and in half the amount of time, to help you bag a big ol’ longbeard this season (and get bragging rights with your friends).

There are many makes and models of turkey hunting vests on the market today. You’ll need to go try on some brands to see how they fit and how versatile they are. I like one with adjustable shoulder straps that has a chest strap to reduce the weight on your back and shoulders. The adjustable shoulder straps are also priceless when hauling out a tom. They keep the vest from hitting my legs as I walk, and also keep the vest from shifting when walking steep terrain. Adjustable shoulder straps also reduce the amount of noise I make in the field during a spot and stalk hunt, or when shifting around a tree when gobblers come in from other directions.

Most importantly, your turkey vest is like your own mobile office for the spring turkey woods. A good vest will keep you in the woods longer.

Turkey hunting is the manipulation of spring gobblers. The pursuit of gobblers can be maddening one day and easy the next. We scout, hike, and call for those moments of a lovesick tom’s gobble to crack the silence of the spring woods.

Turkey slung over an e-bike. One of the first steps in turkey scouting is understanding what turkeys have done in the past. This is crucial to the current season and future success. After all, gobblers tend to be creatures of habit.

If you’ve never had a gobbler fall silent after a fiery morning on the roost, then you have not hunted gobblers long enough. Getting ghosted by a big gobbler after fly-down is one of the most frustrating aspects of hunting spring gobblers; yet, if you can stay positioned and not spook any birds, you are still in the game. That big tom responded to you off the roost, so understand that he acknowledged your presence in his roundhouse. Secondly, he remembers where you were. In the late morning or early afternoon (depending on your state regulations), return to where you last heard him gobble and make your setup. During this time of the day, especially as the spring rolls on, hens leave the tom to tend their nests. That leaves toms vulnerable to calls mid- morning and throughout the day. This tactic can require some patience but has long been a card in the proverbial deck of seasoned turkey hunters. A good turkey vest will keep you in that position longer for the opportunity at that big gobbler.

Here are some turkey vest essentials that will make your spring gobbler hunt more enjoyable and ultimately more successful.


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