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Tag: April 2022


Chasing Monsters

How to Catch Big Catfish Catching monster catfish—not simply keepers, but giants—is the dream of most of us who spend time on the shores and on the water with a rod and reel in hand. It’s easy to say you’re out on the water to connect with nature, enjoy the silence, and maybe bring some…

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Gearing Up For Spring Gobblers

Here are the Top Things to Pack in Your Spring Turkey Vest It’s almost here. (Well, for some, it has already arrived!) Whether your state is open now or you’ve got to wait until April 1st, let’s make sure we’re all prepared for this Spring’s turkey season. If you’re among those die-hard turkey hunters who…

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Buying a New Hunting Rifle

“That’s it!” exclaimed the hunter, throwing his Stormy Kromer to the ground. Shaking his head in disgust, he added, “I missed another buck. Less than a hundred yards. I’m headed to the gun shop as soon as I get home. It’s time for a new rifle.” I secretly wondered if he had properly sighted in…

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Bow Birds

The Challenges of Bowhunting Wild Turkeys Those who bow hunt turkeys are up against a big challenge. They’re working hard to overcome significant odds. As such, they need all the knowledge and help they can get to fill that archery turkey tag. Here’s a detailed guide on bowhunting wild turkeys. The Right Equipment Selecting the…

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How To Pick A Fly Rod

“How do I pick a fly rod?” It’s certainly a valid question, and although experienced fly-fishers often look at beginners who ask this with a wondrous eye, it is probably the first really good question that beginners ask. Fly rods are not complicated pieces of equipment. Like any other rod, they have basic components: the…

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Pack-In Hog Hunting

Hog hunting can be satisfying and productive. In Texas, where I live, wild hogs are plentiful and it’s not difficult to find a place to hunt them. Hogs are hunted on just about every piece of hunting lease land and piece of ranch or farmland in the Lone Star State. But just because hogs are plentiful…

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