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ISOtunes® Sport Introduces CALIBER Earbuds for Uncompromising Protection
Carmel, IN – For hunters and shooters who want hearing protection without sacrificing situational awareness, ISOtunes Sport is excited to debut its innovative CALIBER earbuds. Tactical Sound Control™ technology allows for listening for ambient sounds such as game movement or range commands while ears remain protected from gunshot noise. The true wireless earbuds are equipped…
Stoeger Debuts XM1 Bullshark Airgun
Stoeger Industries, manufacturer of performance- grade shotguns, pistols, and airguns, expands their PCP line with the new XM1 Bullshark leaving no doubt that Stoeger leads the world in airgun innovation. Its groundbreaking bullpup configuration combined with an integrated suppressor, virtually no recoil, and Olympic- grade accuracy (using premium pellets) delivers a whole new level of…
St Croix: Best Rods on Earth™
Building on its expanding and proprietary expertise with hybrid blank development, St. Croix’s latest expression of angler-centric design becomes reality in an all-new series of Legend Tournament Bass rods that are lighter, stronger, and poised to elevate the bass-fishing experience further with improved balance, performance, and capability in any technique or presentation. Unveiled at the…
EarzON® Custom Hearing Protection Ensures Maximum Protection, All-Day Comfort, and Superior Fit
All shooters and hunters are aware they need the finest hearing protection available to help prevent hearing loss. For maximum protection and performance, nothing beats a custom-fit product like WildEar EarzON® Custom Hearing Protection. Each set is custom manufactured using digital technology to ensure all-day comfort and superior fit. Features include: Consistent protection: Because…
Singing The Blues – In Big Blue Catfish, That Is!
Photos by Larry Weishuhn Outdoors “Larry, have you ever caught a really big catfish, something bigger than, say, 30 pounds?” Luke Clayton, with whom I do a weekly radio show, a weekly podcast on Sporting Classics Daily, and a weekly television show, (A Sportsman’s Life” on was asking. Before I could respond, he continued. “I’ve got…
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