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Author page: Brad Fenson

Smoked Mountain Caribou
The view from the air was breathtaking. The Mackenzie River and its tributaries snaked their way from the rugged mountain tops to create a monster-sized river flowing through a wide, sweeping valley. With a storm front on the horizon the clouds provided a backdrop of moody colours and light streaming through seams in the billowy…
Freshwater Piranha–Goldeye
The remote solitude of the Athabasca River is a special place to fish in late summer. I was fishing with Ray Kohlruss of Reel Angling Adventures ( and we were hoping to boat some big walleye. Ray introduced me to the Athabasca years ago, and it is still a favorite destination for big fish. Fishing…
Kidz Bear Camp
When my outfitter buddy Clay Royer asked if I was interested in black bear hunting a few days this spring, along with his boys and a good friend and son, I couldn’t resist. We did a similar camp last spring during the Covid lockdown and had a fantastic adventure. It is always exciting to harvest…
Adjusting For Ducks
My dad has always had a significant influence on my life. As a child, I can remember accompanying dad on hunting trips for deer, grouse, and waterfowl. I was always keen and could never sleep the night before the big event. Little has changed. I can recall being along when my dad and uncle pushed…
It’s Hammer Time!
When friends from the states called to find out about bear hunting in Alberta, the questions were not about the animal itself, rather the types of rifles you can legally use to harvest them. Umarex is introducing the “Hammer,” a .50-calibre, highpowered air rifle and they wanted to put it to the test on an…
Understanding the Whitetail Rut
If you have been fortunate enough to witness the rutting chase of whitetailed deer, you can appreciate the incredible strength and stamina that these grand animals posses. A whitetail buck has his work cut out when it comes to getting the opportunity to breed. When a doe comes into estrus and locates a dominant buck,…
Not All Bullets Are Made Equal
The simple definition of a bullet in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a small piece of metal or another material that is shot out of a gun. The full definition listed is: a round or elongated missile (as of lead) to be fired from a firearm; broadly: cartridge. Most hunters understand the pretense of a bullet…
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