Author: Jace Bauserman

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A full-time freelance outdoor writer, Jace Bauserman lives in southeast Colorado with his wife Amy and three kids, Hunter, Abbey, and Brody. Bauserman has been penning outdoor articles since 2006. He has won numerous awards for his writing, and though Bauserman hunts all species of game — big and small — he is well known for his how-to, tip-and-tactic, and gear-style bowhunting articles. Bauserman is the former Bowhunting World and Archery Business magazines editor and has traveled the world chasing animals with his bow. While Bauserman is most passionate about western big-game hunting, he has an affinity for whitetails. Bauserman has published over 3,000 articles, penned a pair of books, and regularly appears on outdoor television. He credits his success to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How to Select the Best Hunting Backpack for Your Trip The importance of a top-end backcountry backpack can’t be overlooked. There are items you can skimp on — cut corners with. A backpack is not one of those items. The better backpack you sling over your shoulders, the more comfortable and enjoyable your next western adventure will be. I’ve never embarked on a western hunt — bow or rifle — without a backpack over my shoulders. A pack is the lifeblood of the backcountry hunter. During my Western tenure, I’ve experimented with loads of backpacks. From external frame packs to…

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