Author: Courtney Hungle

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My name is Courtney Hungle. I am an outdoor writer from Regina, Saskatchewan. I enjoy spending time in the outdoors and sharing this passion with others. My dad has inspired me to get into writing and has been a role model of mine. I grew up hunting and fishing with my family wanting to do everything my older brother did. Today I particularly enjoy open water walleye fishing and hunting for big game animals, but will partake in any and all outdoor activities. To see what my friends and family are up to check out our Instagram page @hungle_outdoors and the pages of this publication.

A great thing about hunting Whitetail deer is that there are multiple ways to hunt them. Some of my favorite methods for hunting Whitetail deer are calling, pushing bush, and spot-and-stalk. In fact, spot and stalk is my favorite way to hunt Whitetails since it gives me the chance to walk through deer country and see where the deer spend most of their time. I can enjoy the sights and the scenery and get within a comfortable shooting range of the deer, which gives me the best opportunity for a standing broadside shot. Spot-and-stalk deer hunting can be very effective,…

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