Author: Brian Kightlinger

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Award-winning author, Brian R. Kightlinger, is an avid outdoorsman, middle school social studies teacher, and official whitetail deer scorer from Northwest Pennsylvania. He has had a passion for everything outdoors since his youth. Brian enjoys shooting archery and competing in 3D archery competitions. He loves talking about whitetail deer, turkey, and exotics and meeting others with the same passion.

Why I like this scope I was drawn to the Hawke Optics booth at the Great American Outdoor Show. Engaging with their knowledgeable staff, I unexpectedly became intrigued by the Hawke Vantage IR Turkey Scope, despite not initially being in the market for one. Their passion and detailed explanations about the scope’s features convinced me to give it a closer look. What truly sets the Vantage IR Turkey Scope apart is its versatility. Offering three reticle options, including a black reticle that illuminates red or green when the illumination rheostat is turned, it equips you to adapt your hunting strategy…

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I love walking my dogs early in the morning in the spring. Each day before work, weather permitting, I walk my two Labs up to my hunting property. I love the exercise, and the dogs enjoy the crisp morning air. Most importantly, I get a chance to listen to turkeys on the roost. Most mornings, I hear countless gobblers booming on my property. I pinpoint where the birds are so I can hunt them. From the number of gobbles I heard, I hoped the 2023 spring turkey season would be promising. Time would tell if the birds would remain on…

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