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Hi Mountain Seasonings Makes Preparing Bear Hams Simple – And Delicious!

In the world of wild game meats, black bear meat doesn’t get the respect it deserves. And that’s a mistake. Properly cared for in the field, it can be some of the tastiest wild meat you’ll ever try. And nothing makes it taste better than Hi Mountain Seasonings’ Cured, Smoked & Glazed Ham recipe.

In general, bear meat has a taste similar to venison, though it is often a little sweeter tasting than meat from ungulates. It has a dark red color, and in terms of texture, it’s close to pork, though with a slightly coarser grain. A black bear’s hams are large, and once boned and trimmed, can provide the perfect ham for curing, brining and smoking.

The process of preparing the most mouthwatering bear ham is simple. All you need is a 3-4 lb. boneless bear roast, one Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure Kit, ½ cup brown sugar, and ½ cup maple syrup. As the saying goes, perfection takes time, and you’ll need to cure the bear roast per the recipe instructions for 12 days in the refrigerator using the Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure Kit, turning it once after 6 days. Then, remove the roast, immerse it in a water bath for 2 hours to remove the cure, pat it dry, and heat your grill or smoker to 200 degrees F. While the grill is heating up, mix the brown sugar and maple syrup together in a bowl, and then – once the grill has reached 200 degrees – place the roast on the grill and baste it with the thick liquid mix that will be used to glaze the ham during the smoking process. Apply the glaze every 30 minutes, turning the ham a couple times during the smoking process so you can cover the entire ham with glaze. Continue cooking until the internal temperature of the ham reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit as indicated by a meat thermometer, then remove it from the smoker, let it rest at least 30 minutes, and voila! It’s ready to be sliced and served.

You will have to supply the bear ham, and the Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure Kit can be found conveniently online at

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