Author: John Brod

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Although relatively new to the review stage, John is not new to the outdoors. As a 50+ year hunting, hiking and outdoor sports enthusiast, John has put many miles in the woods and on the trails. His primary passion is all types of shooting sports, with a good healthy dose of boating, skiing, and lots of other outdoor activities. John’s review writing is geared toward the average, everyday enthusiast looking for good, honest feedback that matters to those who use the products the most, not necessarily the expert professionals. John looks at the products from a value perspective, using his years of experience using similar products to give the reader a real, useful assessment of a product. As someone who is not afraid to spend real money on quality gear, but hates wasting money on over-hyped, over-priced gear, his reviews offer the reader a refreshing take on the cost vs benefits of a product.

My eyes have always been sensitive to the sun, and I spend a lot of time outdoors, so a good pair of sunglasses has always been an important part of my gear selection.  I have owned most of the major brands and tested a variety of different models and lenses, and not all the expensive sunglasses have measured up to the hype (I won’t name names).  I picked up a pair of War Birds, and from the start I could tell that these will remain part of my go to rotation of sunglasses. Purchase here: War Bird Easy Day Pro…

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