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Author page: Larry Weishuhn

Singing The Blues – In Big Blue Catfish, That Is!
Photos by Larry Weishuhn Outdoors “Larry, have you ever caught a really big catfish, something bigger than, say, 30 pounds?” Luke Clayton, with whom I do a weekly radio show, a weekly podcast on Sporting Classics Daily, and a weekly television show, (A Sportsman’s Life” on was asking. Before I could respond, he continued. “I’ve got…
Buying a New Hunting Rifle
“That’s it!” exclaimed the hunter, throwing his Stormy Kromer to the ground. Shaking his head in disgust, he added, “I missed another buck. Less than a hundred yards. I’m headed to the gun shop as soon as I get home. It’s time for a new rifle.” I secretly wondered if he had properly sighted in…
Returning To Alberta
Larry and guide, Manuela, setup on the edge of an Alberta field looking for big whitetail bucks. In an ideal world I never would have quit hunting Canada for whitetails, especially with my long-time friend Ron Nemetchek and his North River Outfitting. Simply to quit hunting Alberta had been a matter of economics, not the cost…

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