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Author page: Noel Linsey

Ghosts Of The Timber: Spot and Stalk Black Bear
We approached the clearing that punched a hole in the thick lodgepole pines, underbrush, blowdowns and dead sloughs and caught sight of the big boar we’d been following all morning. Despite the nearly impossible task of staying silent while slipping off of logs and into mud holes and dodging a million dry branches while skirting…
Gun Cleaning 101
Depending on who you talk to, cleaning your guns after use is either the most important thing on earth, or the least. Those that do not clean their firearms regularly are likely the same folks that you will find fighting to remove a seized choke tube while in the blind or wondering why their safety…
A Brief And (Mostly) Accurate History Of Canoes
Ah, the canoe...the backwaters station wagon. The Encyclopedia describes the canoe as, “a small boat, sharp at both ends, paddle-propelled by one or more persons and a propensity to tip unsuspecting paddlers into icy lakes and rivers with little to no provocation or warning.” (I’m paraphrasing). North America is host to thousands of interconnected lakes,…
Precipitation, Pressure and Temperature
How Weather Patterns Affect Deer Movement I feel like a sausage—an onion-wrapped sausage—as I waddle my way to the tree stand. Layers upon layers of thermal underwear, a sweatsuit, a windbreaker, parka, ski pants, minus 100-degree boots, a neck warmer, toque, and mittens thick enough to safely handle liquid nitrogen have me loaded up and…
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