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Hooyman Joins Best Outdoor Discounts

Hooyman has joined Best Outdoor Discounts membership program along with 60+ other outdoor brands. For a small annual membership fee, you can get 20% off all of Hooyman’s products on their website.
Hooyman started in Appleton, Wisconsin as a father and son’s passion for Whitetail hunting and is now one of the leading names in land management. After the first portable tree saw came to market in 2008, they continued to innovate with land management tools while focusing on their mission. An unwavering level of service, quality, and constant innovation.

Regardless of acreage size, Hooyman is tying together land managers across the country through mutual respect and admiration for the land and the animals that thrive off it. This level of dedication to conservation of wildlife is one of the many reasons we are proud to have them as a partner.

Land Management Tools from Hooyman

From saws to spreaders, rakes to machetes, and pitchforks, axes, batteries and even unique educational know-how’s, Hooyman has you covered. See some of our top picks from their online catalogue and see how much you can save with a premium membership! The average purchase with our program would save you $30 on all Hooyman products – that’s the full cost of your yearly membership!

The Hooyman 24V Spreader
Save $50 on the Hooyman 24V Spreader

The 24V Lithium-Ion Chest Spreader makes spreading faster, easier and more comfortable. An adjustable throttle allows you to change the speed rate on the fly. Our proprietary throwing disc maximizes throwing distance for a more even spread. With a continuous run time of 3 hours, you’ll be able to get most jobs done on one charge.

The Hooyman Hot Zone Food Plot Fence being used in the field.
Save $50 on the Hot Zone Food Plot Fence.

The Hot Zone™ Food Plot Fence is a complete fence kit that allows you to manage your food plots browse pressures. Heavy browse pressure can cause poor plot production or even failure so monitoring is important. With solar recharging you can be sure you are monitoring browse pressures while keeping costs down. In addition, the system is easy to set up and deactivate so you can easily adjust when you want deer to feed.

The Hooyman 40V Lithium Ion Pole Saw
Save $70 on the 40V Pole Saw.

The Hooyman 40V Lithium Pole Saw is ideal for any user wanting effortless cutting. Lightweight at under 10lbs, the 40V Lithium Pole Saw has a longer run time, performance, and fade-free power. The battery is easy to replace and includes a battery charge indicator for power-level checks. It charges in around 60 minutes for optimal cordless cutting.

To shop Hooyman through our program, sign up at Best Outdoor Discounts today.

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