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Convergent Overseer Predator Pro Pack: A Triple Whammy for Predators

Convergent’s Overseer Predator Pro Pack is a set of easy- to-use mouth-blown predator calls designed by Master Call Builder Kerry Carver and professional predator hunter Byron South. So when you need realistic sounds to bring predators in, the Overseer Predator Pro Pack is the perfect handheld solution.

The Overseer Open Reed Predator Call is often relied upon by professional hunters due to its wide range of sounds, offering the ability to make high-pitched bird sounds, raspy distressed-jackrabbit sounds, and everything in between. The Open Reed Overseer can even be used to imitate coyote howls and ki-yis, all while resisting reed freeze. In addition, its thin Mylar reed makes it easy to blow, and the unique tone board design helps hunters easily transition from low to high pitch sounds.

The Overseer Predator Bite Call offers a rubber mouthpiece, which hunters can “bite” to change its tone and create a wide range of distressed-animal sounds. Adjusting one’s pinch point and air pressure enable callers to create “emotion” in the call to get predators excited about coming in – even those call-shy critters who have learned to be wary of coming to calls.

The Overseer Closed Reed Cotton Tail Call brings simplicity and consistency to your calling, ensuring the perfect sound every time. Neither lip position nor bite pressure matter with this call, making it extremely easy to use. To vary the pitch and volume of the calling, use your hand to create some backpressure. The double stainless steel reed is designed to last a lifetime, ensuring that a hunter’s calls will always sound like a cottontail rabbit in distress. Get it here.

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